7 Ways to Encourage Kids to Read

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In celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, we put together this list of 7 tips to promote a love of reading today and for the rest of the year!

1) Set a good example
Modeling good reading habits is essential to helping your kids understand the importance of reading. Let your kids see you reading, and how much you enjoy it. If your kids are older, share what you read and what you have gained from reading a good book. Keep lots of reading material- books, magazines, colorful catalogs, etc- around the house and in reach.

2) Read with your kids, every night
Set aside a special time every day to read with your kids. Read for at least 30 minutes, and try to introduce them to as many new stories and concepts as possible. Don’t stop at just reading the book- talk about the pictures, characters, storylines or anything else to keep them thinking and engaged. Sharing this enjoyment with your kids will help inspire a love of reading at an early age.

3) Visit the library once a week
Get your kids their own library card and get in the habit of visiting the library once a week. Spend some time reading books together at the library and let them pick out their own books to take home. Make your library visits special and something everyone looks forward to each week.

4) Give the gift of reading
Does your kid have a birthday or any other gift-giving occasion coming up? Give them books- or ask others to give them books- as a gift! Books received as a gift will be cherished more, especially if they come from an important person in your kids’ lives. You could also allow them to pick out a few digital book apps to download as a gift!

5) Look for books your kids will love
Kids are far more likely to enjoy reading if they read about something that sparks their interest. Find out what captivates your kids and pick titles that will keep their attention. If your kids are into dinosaurs, build a collection of dinosaur books. As your kids get older, let them select books they are excited about, or find a series they love and want to continue reading. Subscribe to children’s magazines that are fun and interesting for your kids to read.

6) Read digital book apps
Do you have a reluctant reader who loves technology? Load up an iPad with a collection of digital book apps and start developing good reading habits with interactive content. Digital book apps can also be a more effective way to enhance literacy and build vocabulary- every omBook includes highlighted narration plus tappable words and pictures to improve reading skills.

7) Make reading fun!
Above all, reading should be fun! Read with enthusiasm, use funny voices, act out scenes- anything to keep your kids laughing and having fun. Always suggest reading as a leisure activity, avoid using it as a punishment, and be sure to foster fond memories of reading together as a family.

How do you get your kids to read? Share with us in a comment below!

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